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Jim Soltau, Youth Minister
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Welcome from Our Confirmation Staff

Jim SoltauHi Everyone! My name is Jim Soltau, and I try to coordinate all of this craziness in Youth Ministry, Confirmation and Emmaus Peer Ministry here at St. Anne's!  From the beginning of the 2017-2018 Confirmation program, all of us - myself and the rest of the Confirmation staff - are here to help and journey with you in this great exploration of our faith.  If there's ever anything I can do or if you have a question to ask. . . please drop in the Youth Ministry Office or give me a call!

Just a little about me...I grew up and went to Most Holy Redeemer, Sacred Heart and USF, all in San Francisco.  I’ve been at St. Anne’s since 1981...yes it’s a long time!!  Prior to that I worked in Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of San Francisco and with the Christian Brothers at the retreat house in Saint Helena.  My wife Lucy and I got married in 1984 and we have two children...Mike and Becky.  I’m a HUGE SF Giants fan and also really enjoy playing golf when I can.

Alfred - Hi my name is Alfred! I’ve been involved with peer ministry at St. Anne since the day it began, perhaps around the time your parents were being confirmed and staffed nearly every confirmation retreat since then. I have been awed witness God among us through this ministry over the years. It is not only this legacy of youth ministry at St. Anne that you are part of, it is the 2000 year long legacy of Roman Catholic Christians that you will learn about fully participating in during the year ahead. I look forward to meeting you and witnessing how God works through you in the year and years ahead..

CollinsHi,  I am Collins I am so happy that get to be part of this awesome confirmation staff this year. This year marks my second year with Confirmation program. I am on this journey of learning more about all of you and myself. I grew up at St Anne’s and most people recognize me from the Altar. I really discovered my faith through this Youth Ministry program. The last few years of my life I have dedicated a good portion of my life back to the church and I have been more than blessed to be part of Emmaus peer ministry. I have also been a First Communion teacher and involved with every liturgical ministry with the exception of Music Ministry (I can’t sing). Needless to say you will see me all around the church grounds and beyond feel free to say hello. St. Anne’s has been home for me in the highlights of my life as well as the low times of my life I have been some of the greatest people because of my involvement with this program I am so excited to give back to it in any way I possibly can. 

I look forward to working with all of you in one way or another throughout this coming year. 

Eeps - Hi everyone! My name is Angelica but I often go by the nickname Eeps! I am very blessed and excited to be a part of the Confirmation team this year. I grew up in the St. Anne’s community from playing CYO basketball, going through CCD and the youth ministry program, being in the Emmaus Peer Ministry program and also serving as a Youth Lector Coordinator. Ministry has been an instrumental part of my life. I believe in being an active participant in our faith and ministry is the perfect opportunity that allows me to share my faith while also learning from others. I look forward to this faith journey that we will embark on together!

A few facts about me: I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Psychology. I love traveling! I lived and traveled in Europe and Hawaii over the last year and a half. Of all the places I’ve visited the Vatican is my most favorite (and beautiful) country I’ve been to. I grew up playing basketball (our St. Anne CYO team won 3 championships!) and still play today. I LOVE the Golden State Warriors. I love to cook but hate to clean my messes. 

I’m excited for this upcoming year of Confirmation and growing in our faith together. 

ErinHey all! My name is Erin. After being in the Youth Ministry and Confirmation program myself, God has called me to remain active in the church through different ministries including Youth Choir, Emmaus, Eucharistic Ministry, Young Adult Choir, and back to Confirmation. This is my third year as a Confirmation teacher and I am thankful for us to be on this faith journey together!

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Development at UC Davis and graduated from CSU East Bay with a Master’s degree in Counseling. I am in my third year as a School Counselor at San Lorenzo High School. I love music! I enjoy dancing, singing, and watching concerts and Broadway musicals. I also love going on adventures like hiking, beach bumming it, exploring new places with friends, working out, eating, and drinking boba. Yes, those are ALL adventures because life is an adventure! Looking forward to an awesome year together!

JeffyHi, my name is Jeff. I’m known to most as Jeffy or Coach Jeff. I welcome YOU to the Confirmation Program. I hope that YOU enjoy the program and that WE, as a Staff, will I make you laugh, cry and make it interesting for YOU. The Youth Ministry program (T.E.A.M., Emmaus) would not be as successful as it is right now if it weren't for Jim's vision of a ministry for the youth. Youth Ministry has made new friends and great, long lasting friendships that will last for a long time. Hopefully, YOU will be taking our places and helping the next generation of youth.

As for me, well, St. Anne has been a part of my life since I was in CYO and CCD in the 3rd grade. I have been involved with Youth Ministry since 1989. . . that’s?????**%$#@#$, you can do the math. St. Anne's Parish did not have a Ministry that catered to teens. With the help of a Jim, myself and a few dedicated teens, started a small ministry of young teens called T.E.A.M ( Teens Engaged in Active Ministry).T.E.A.M., now called Emmaus, has helped the YOUTH of our parish understand the meaning of our Catholic Faith in a way that YOU(youth) can understand.

When I'm not teaching Confirmation, I'm a Eucharistic Minister for the Youth Mass and 6pm Mass, as well as a Coordinator for Eucharistic Ministers. I was fortunate to meet Pope John Paul II in 1993, during a World  Youth Day celebration, in Denver, CO. I also help with CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) in coaching Boys and Girls Basketball. 

“We search for answers to our questions, Who has the answers?” This is a verse from a song that’s  in the minds of the all young teens, especially those finding their faith. I hope that through this confirmation journey, me and you will grow together in faith and find the answers to those questions. 

JericoHello Everyone, My name is Jerico Abanico. This will be my fifth year teaching confirmation. Before that I was in Emmaus Peer Ministry and taught both 6th and 7th grade CCD. I am also one of the co-directors for the Saint Anne Youth Choir. 

I received my BA in Human Development with a concentration on Adolescent Development at CSU East Bay. I currently work as Theology teacher at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward.

I’m excited to learn from all the students coming into confirmation this year. I’m looking forward to sharing our stories and to journey together!

KatHi everyone!! I’m Kat and I’m happy to be teaching again. This is my 7th year teaching Confirmation at St. Anne’s and my 20th year teaching from different parishes within the Oakland diocese.  

When I’m not teaching at St. Anne, I’m running around caring for my family and friends.  I have 4 kids; AJ (24), Isaiah (15), Kamryn (14) and Gregory Jr. (12).  You can find me driving my kids and their friends from basketball practices and school events to the movies and the park. I am also a group fitness instructor and currently teach U-Jam Fitness and PopPilates at 24 Hour Fitness and Cal State East Bay.  I have the support of a wonderful and loving husband, Greg, who is my anchor. He does everything that I can’t and more when it comes to supporting our family.  With God and our faith as our #1 focus, we believe we can do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING we put our minds and determination towards.  Ministry is a part of our lives and we are blessed to have an opportunity to share it with our community.  

I’m excited and looking forward to this year of Confirmation and sharing this faith journey with all of you!

Kevin -   Hi! My name is Kevin. I am blessed and honored to join this year’s Confirmation staff for the first time. Before joining the Confirmation staff, i went through the youth ministry program myself in 2006. Since then I had been part of Emmaus for seven years, until 2014. 

I then attended UC Riverside and received my BA in English. While in Riverside, I struggled to maintain my relationship with God and went through many trials to understand what it meant to be Catholic and to serve others. Through my spiritual journey, I was called from God to return home and continue my teachings with the St. Anne community.

While teaching Confirmation, I am also attending CSU East Bay to receive my teaching credential in English and teaching at James Logan high school. So if you ever see me around campus, say hello!

Lauren - Hi there! My name is Lauren and this is my first year teaching confirmation.  I was in Emmaus back in highschool and am excited to return to serve God and the St. Anne community.  In college I was active in the Filipino Catholic Community group called Liwanag.  I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a B.S. in biological sciences and currently work in the medical device industry.  However, I have ambitions to pursue my doctorate in physical therapy.

I am currently on a mission to travel the world. So far I've been to the Netherlands and Cabo this year.  I’ve also taken various weekend trips to LA, Orange County, San Diego, Yosemite, and Tahoe.  Later on this year I’m looking forward to going back to Europe.   When I'm home I like to play and watch sports. I enjoy playing basketball and love watching the Raiders and Golden State Warriors. I have two children that come in dog form named Queenie and Star.  

I'm excited to embark on this new journey and grow in faith with all of you!

Sally - Welcome Everyone! I’m Sally. I am excited to be a part of the Saint Anne’s community. This is my 2nd year teaching Confirmation at Saint Anne’s. I have been involved in Faith Formation for 20 years teaching at different parishes within the Oakland Diocese. My faith is a deep component of who I am. I serve with the purpose to be the hands and feet of Christ. I look forward to learning and growing on our faith journey together.

Just a little about me…I grew up in Oakland/San Leandro. I went to Catholic elementary/high schools. I have two terrific children, Janelle and Nicholas, and a wonderful husband, Ronald. I love my job and think of it more as doing ministry than work. I like strolls along the beach, sunrises and sunsets, journaling, family/friends get together, and Disneyland!

SamanthaHello, my name is Samantha Aradanas and this is my seventh year teaching Confirmation.  I also previously taught First Communion CCD for 2nd- 4th graders here at St. Anne.  I decided to become a CCD teacher after reading a book called Purpose Driven Life.  One of the main things I took from it was that we should use our talents and gifts to serve God.  I’ve always felt drawn to working with and serving the youth and after reading this book, I felt called to take initiative and become a CCD teacher.  Soon after, I was invited by Jim to become a Confirmation teacher.  I also visit, talk, and pray with the youth in juvenile hall twice a month as part of a church ministry.  While life can get busy between family, friends, work, and ministry, I’m thankful to be a part of the Confirmation program here at St. Anne.  I love seeing my past students at mass (especially when they’ve joined a ministry!) and out in the community; hearing about what they’re up to and watching them grow is always fulfilling.

A little more about me: I am a school psychologist in Fremont Unified and previously worked in San Leandro Unified.  I went to UC San Diego for undergrad (I love San Diego and visit any time I can!) and SF State for grad school.  I try my best to stay active by running/jogging and going to the gym.  Basketball is my favorite sport- Go Warriors!  Other random stuff about me: I love sushi, I have a huge family whom I love spending time with (I am one of 36 grandchildren!), and enjoy traveling and seeing new places!  I’m looking forward to an exciting year as we continue to grow in our faith together <3

SheilaAloha!  My name is Sheila and many know me as “She” or “mamma She”.  This is my fourth year teaching confirmation at Saint Anne.  I’ve been involved in youth ministry and taught confirmation for 25 years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

My purpose is to be in service of others, and I especially thrive when I’m working with youth within my community.   I feel a connection and passion working with youth.   A little about me, I am busy, working mom of 5.  I know, I get tired just thinking of it.  But when you do what you love, it’s energizing.  My Danilo  is a sophomore at Riordan in San Francisco, Portia is a senior at Monte Vista High School in Danville, Jordan is a senior at UC Santa Barbara, Brendan graduated with his Masters from USF and Randy is a product manager for Upper Deck in San Diego.  Building the foundation for values and character begins at home.   Being a confirmation teacher is a symbiotic relationship.  As much as we work to motivate our students to seek and find, I am filled with desire and motivation to deepen my faith.    I feel blessed to be part of the St. Anne’s community.    MTFBWU.  MYSTAGOGIA!

Purpose. Model.  Life.

TeddyHey everyone! My name is Teddy Del Rosario, and this is my third year teaching Confirmation! I grew up doing CCD, Youth Ministry, and Confirmation at St. Anne. Immediately after I was confirmed, I joined Emmaus and became a Eucharistic Minister. I also teach 8th Grade CCD and co-direct the Young Adult Choir. I’m definitely excited for the upcoming year! I wouldn’t be who I am today without the unconditional love and support I’ve received through different ministries at St. Anne, and I hope to provide that same love and support for the young people I teach. My involvement at St. Anne has given me a deep passion for my faith and the community, and I am looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone on our journey of faith together. 

Just a few things about me: I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and I am currently working as an app developer for a startup company. When I can, I help coach volleyball at James Logan High School where I also played. I absolutely love music! I play the alto saxophone, a bit of piano and guitar, and I love randomly singing wherever I go. I’m an avid moviegoer, and I also watch way too many TV shows to count. Most of the time, I just like to eat out with friends, hang out, and play board games. I hope we can all hang out, have fun, and learn from one another this year!

VinceHello students! My name is Vincent and you can all call me Vince! This is my second year as a confirmation staff member and I am very excited to get to know each and every one of you.  I am also an 8th grade faith formation catechist entering my sixth year. I serve in the eucharistic, lector and liturgical ministry at church. God is love and our Catholic faith calls us to serve one another in Jesus name and to love God above all things! HE>i

A little bit about myself. I grew up most of my young life in Hayward and moved to Union City in 2001. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years. My favorite food is spam musubi, so send some my way and I will love you forever! My education/work background; attended James Logan High School, San Jose State University with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and currently work for ABAXIS, inc. I enjoy playing basketball, watching the Golden State Warriors, action and comedic movies, hiking/outdoor activities, going to the beach, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Traveling is something I look to do more of into this year and future. I’m really down to earth and take the laid back approach to things, so please send some positive vibes my way! ALOHA & MAHALO! \m/