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St Anthony's Service Project

For over 60 years, the St. Anthony Dining Room has offered warm, nourishing meals in a caring and respectful setting. St. Anthony staff and volunteers create a community of sharing in which all are welcome. The Dining Room serves over 2,500 meals per day and is open 365 days a year. On different dates, each of the six confirmation classes will go to the St. Anthony Foundation.

Schedule of Events
 7:30 am
 Meet at Union City BART before we depart for the Civic Center station.
Fare with Clipper Card: $11.90 roundtrip

or Fare with BART ticket: $12.90 roundtrip 
(effective 1/1/2018)
 9:00 am
Arrival at St. Anthony's
 9:30 am - 1:45 pm
Serve, share, and converse with the St. Anthony's guests
 1:45 pm
Departure to BART
3:15 pm
Arrival at Union City BART station - a parent/guardian should pick you up

Things to Bring
  • Completed St. Anne's Volunteer Form (permission slip); adult volunteers fill out the adult version
  • Completed St. Anthony Information and Consent Form; adult volunteers fill out the adult version
  • Clipper Card with $11.90 or more for the round trip
    or BART ticket with $12.90 or more for the round trip (paper ticket costs more)
  • 2 non-perishable food items to donate (jar of peanut butter, canned meat, etc)
  • Tennis shoes - no open-toed shoes
  • Modest and comfortable clothing - dress in layers; no tank tops, no short shorts, no short skirts, no leggings worn as pants
  • Additional Money (if needed)

St Anthony Dining Room

Making Up (if you couldn't go with your class)

If you need to make up the St. Anthony's service project (or want to go there again), you'll need to go to with your sponsor, parent, or other adult. Each person needs to go to sign up at St. Anthony's volunteering webpage and follow the directions under "I am 15 or older and ready to volunteer!"

When searching for open jobs/shifts, select “Dining Room” next to department. “Dining Room Service”  is the type of volunteer job to sign up for.

Weekend dates are tough to sign up for, so you may need to sign up NOW for a weekend date four weeks from now. It’s easier to sign up for weekdays.

Let your teachers know what date you go.

Contact Information
St. Anthony’s Dining Room
45 Jones Street (between McAllister & Golden Gate Avenue)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 241-2600