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Brown Bag Project

It's already time for everyone to get ready for the Confirmation Retreat! It is up to you to make the time an exciting and meaningful one. Therefore, in preparing for December 8-10, 2017, an important retreat activity involves an extensive and complex project on your part.

Read all SIX steps thoroughly. You need to read everything before you begin. Please start on this project immediately. We will not accept incomplete projects. Everyone is required to have a brown bag project for the retreat. Please contact your teachers if you have any questions.

We expect everyone to complete this project, to do it well, and to bring your project with you on the due date of November 12. If we have any concerns, we will provide suggestions for improvement and return it to you with expectations of it being finished without delay. Click here for a printable version of these instructions.

Supplies Needed
For this project you will need one sturdy, large brown bag, art supplies (markers, pens, glue, scissors, etc.), and other things described in the following steps.

Spend a significant amount of time thinking about the important events, people and circumstances of your life. Then ask someone you trust and who knows you well, to tell you what and who has influenced you in a significant way. Make a list of twenty (20) important events, people and circumstances in your life. Save this list to put on your brown bag project.

Make a life line chart that begins with your date of birth and your full name (first - middle - last names). Divide the chart into three sections:
  • birth to age six
  • age six to twelve
  • age twelve to your present age.
Place significant life events on the chart. Place items above the life line that are happy, place things below that are sad. All things listed are significant and are growth points. Include this chart on your brown bag.

Select one (1) event you are willing to reflect on and share, and write a reflection about that event: What was the situation? Who was involved? What did you learn? How has it helped you? Include this reflection on your brown bag project.

Get a large brown bag, cut it down the side and cut off the bottom so that it folds into a large rectangle. Look for personal and family photos that tell your story. Using the originals or copies of these photos, put them on one side of the bag, around your life line chart. In addition, on the same side of the bag, include pictures from magazines or draw symbols or images that you feel express who you are. Fasten your pictures in a way that allows you to fold your brown bag when you are carrying it.

On the other side of the bag, attach or draw pictures that indicate what you dream your future will be like. Attach your list of twenty (20) important events, people and circumstances from step one. Attach the reflection paper from step three.

Look over your brown bag project to be sure you have completed every requirement (brown bag with list of twenty important events/people/circumstances and reflection paper attached).

Bring your project with you to class on November 12. Find a way to carry it safely. We will take your project to the retreat for you.

Be thankful for the time and effort you have taken to prepare.

Ask God for the strength, wisdom and sincerity to share your project on the retreat.