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20180408 - Second Sunday of Easter

posted Apr 5, 2018, 5:01 PM by Domain Admin

Gospel of John 20:19-31

Vincent’s Reflection

The story of when Jesus resurrected appearing to his disciples after his death. The disciples had been in hiding in an upper room in house for fear of the Jews and what they would do to them after they have just killed their leader, Jesus. How often in our lives do we hide from the things that fear us most? Is it not enough to know that believing in Jesus will bring us salvation? Our faith is tested each and every day, but we as a faith community must unite in love to draw out fear.

“Peace be with you” is what stood out to me from this gospel as it is repeated multiple times. Jesus asks his disciples to put their faith in him and everything will be okay, not to fear. Jesus says, “As my Father has sent me, I send you.” Jesus had breathed on them giving them the Holy Spirit. What Jesus gives the disciples and us is assurance by revealing himself. Jesus shows us that he brings peace; our sins are forgiven, my slavery to sin is broken, Jesus takes our fears and cares, our life is settled for eternity which is peace. By this peace Jesus gives us, disciples, a mission. Jesus is the true servant leader.

Another part of the gospel is doubting Thomas which we cannot neglect. How much of our fears come from not being strong in our faith? Are we a people who go through the motions? Some of us are Thomas in our life right now, unbelieving of Jesus. That is okay, because Jesus assures us in some point in our lives that he is full of love, full of grace, full of compassion. He reveals himself on the 8th day of his first resurrection and Thomas is among the disciples. He asks Thomas to touch his wounds that he sustained on the cross, but it is the mere fact that Jesus tells Thomas to stop unbelieving and to believe. The term “seeing is believing” is what we has humans live on, and Jesus shows us that he is present if we truly believe in him. When we walk by faith and not by sight, peace is with us. God gives us a choice to put our faith in Jesus Christ. Doubt is never the destination for the believer, but a stopping point that we pass through, the destination is to believe and come to faith in Jesus. Jesus says to Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.” And Thomas says to Jesus, “My Lord and my God!” which we as believers need to come to in faith as Thomas did.

It’s never easy, but it is simple to live the Catholic faith. Will you believe in Jesus and put your trust in Him? As you go forth on your faith journey continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit. On that day of confirmation, you will be sealed with the Holy Spirit which gives you authority. If you truly believe in Jesus you have the authority and mission to serve God with love. Accept, believe and commit to Jesus Christ. “Peace be with you”.

God is good all the time,
Vincent Decierdo