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20180211 - Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Feb 10, 2018, 12:14 PM by Domain Admin   [ updated Feb 10, 2018, 7:23 PM ]

Gospel of Mark 1:40-45

Sheila's Reflection

When you’re healed, you are WHOLE.

When you’re whole, you realize you are HOLY.

When you’re whole and holy, you are fearless and free. Easier said than done? Maybe. Or… maybe not… Either way, we need to work for our relationships to have good ones. Our relationship with God is no exception. It can be hard work, but definitely worth it.

It’s a bit easier to acknowledge affliction or pain when it is outward and physically, like in this story with the Leper. He has a physical ailment. When the ailment is emotional, mental and internal, it can be difficult to understand, identify or detect. It’s easier to push it aside. It’s HARD WORK to acknowledge it. In the gospel this week, the Leper understands that he is unclean. It starts with his DESIRE to be whole and clean. Given his desire, the Leper has motivation, humility and courage to kneel before Jesus. Wow. I can barely have the courage to go to someone in authority to ask for a favor much less someone i know to ask for or give forgiveness. The leper gathers enough courage to bring himself before the Son of God! Epitome of courageousness. Asking for healing is akin to asking for forgiveness. And we have all at one time either needed to ask forgiveness or to forgive.

The gospel gets better: Jesus treats it like ‘it ain’t no thang!’ Jesus completely accepts the Leper. And models for us how to forgive and heal.

This is a beautiful, simple and short story of faith, strength, compassion, humility, love and FORGIVENESS displayed by BOTH the Leper and Jesus Christ. WOW. How awesome is that?

To forgive is to heal. To be healed is to be whole. Returning to wholeness we have the ability realize our holiness. With holiness in our lives, we can be in the full and complete relationship that God has always desired and intended. This is powerful. And it's right there for the taking.