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20180128 - Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Jan 22, 2018, 10:16 PM by Domain Admin

Gospel of Mark 1:21-28

Samantha's Reflection

In this Gospel Jesus goes to the synagogue and begins preaching. Since he carried himself a certain way and spoke with authority, he wasn’t like the others who also taught at the synagogue- the people noticed something different about him. Then there was a man with a demon in him and after Jesus commanded for the it to come out, it did. The people were in shock. They asked themselves, “What is this?”

Different aspects of this reading led me to a few reflection questions:

  • The idea of teaching with authority stood out to me and made me think, Do we share our faith boldy with others? Or do we think too much about what others may think?

  • Jesus showed who he was by his words and his actions- it made him stand out. Do we stand out as followers of Jesus through our words and actions?

  • The idea of unclean spirits made me wonder, What is God asking us to remove from our own spirits that are not in line with His own?

Hopefully this Gospel can call us to share our faith with courage, be better Christians through what we say and do for others, and to cleanse our spirits.