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20171022 - Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Oct 16, 2017, 11:40 PM by Domain Admin   [ updated Oct 18, 2017, 10:29 PM ]

Gospel of Matthew 22:15-21

Eeps' Reflection

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus is faced with a tricky situation. The Pharisees seeks a plan to use Jesus’ word against him. They know that Jesus is a truthful man and that his word holds great influence among people. When asked about whether it is lawful to pay the tax or not Jesus’ responds by asking, “Why are you testing me?”

In our life we also face situations that challenge us and can have us asking “Why am I being tested?” These tests can come in various situations and scenarios like dealing with a difficult relationship, having a tough time at work or learning about a difficult medical diagnosis. But perhaps we aren’t necessarily being tested by God but instead being stretched by Him. Being tested can mean that we are being used to increase our faith and trust in Him to learn something about ourselves. Situations in our life that are difficult are opportunities for us to continually rely on God and our faith to not only overcome circumstances but become stronger than before. By putting our trust in Him and allowing ourselves to be open to be “stretched” and “tested” we allow God to fully present in our life.