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20170910 - Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Sep 5, 2017, 10:55 PM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 17, 2017, 9:49 PM ]

Gospel of Matthew 18:15-20

Jim’s Reflection

Loosen Those Bonds!!

I was in my office with someone as he poured out his anger about a couple of friends at school.

“Have you talked with them about it?”

“They won’t listen to me if I try,” he responded.

And he just stayed angry and hurt.

Too many people, students AND adults, sit in pain, anger and judgement after an argument—or after they “feel” like someone publicly dissed them. That pain and anger bind us. They eat up our energy, keep us from focusing on school or work, break apart friends and families, and make us toss and turn at night.

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus offers a recipe for freedom—confront the person who hurt you.

The early Christians sinned against one another in a variety of ways. Matthew included this teaching from Jesus, possibly as advice for them. First, talk about your conflict one on one, not to others about it. If that doesn’t help, find an objective person who might help you work things out. Lastly…be willing to forgive.

You can use that advice too. When people hurt you, face them and express your feelings without attacking or insulting them. Sometimes people don’t even know they’ve done something hurtful until you confront them. If the people who hurt you won’t listen, look for someone who’s objective to help mediate. Sometimes that can help. Please don’t think it’s “beneath you” to forgive them. If we truly claim ourselves to be Christians, Jesus called us to love, not to hold grudges.

This week resolve to face conflicts head on. As Jesus says, you’ll not only free yourself but you’ll also probably be helping the other person who hurt you.

This weekend we start Confirmation and Youth Ministry…it’s an exciting time of year! We’re also thankful for the cooler weather than the oppressive heat from last weekend! Enjoy the beginning of fall…Peace and all good, jim