20170326 - Fourth Sunday of Lent

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Gospel of John 9:1-41

Collins’ Reflection

This week's gospel is about the blind man given his sight by Jesus. How many times have we been blinded by other things in life that are not as important as our faith? For my reflection this week I am reminded of a dark time in my life I was working at a job that I really was starting to be really unsatisfied with and I was looking for any reason or way to get out. Only when I asked God to open my eyes to why I was still at this job did he reveal to me that my God given talent was not done yet so I had to work at the things that were challenging me and making me blinded by the struggles.

I also thought it is important to mention the parents of the blind man who knew him to be blind from birth but didn't want to admit that they knew how his eyes had been open by Jesus in fear of the Pharisees. When we were children our parents although they love us didn't always believe the crazy story that their children come up with. The blind man’s parents believed but were too scared to admit that their son has been healed by Jesus. “Surely we are not also blind, are we?” Jesus said to them, “If you were blind, you would have no sin; but now you are saying, ‘We see,’ so your sin remains.”

This passage spoke to me the most because is is Jesus calling us out as having sin and not really doing anything about it by doing anything I mean not acting to reconcile with God the father. We should be using this time of Lent to repent and bring ourselves back to the good grace of God.

Ali's Reflection

This Sunday’s Gospel reminded me that sometimes faith is blind. That we do not always necessarily have to see to believe. If we believe and follow Him, God will work in ways to help us when we are stuck in a rut or even when we don’t think we deserve it and often in ways that we may not even notice or really have a visible lived experience of. I have compassion for the blind man who had his eyes opened by Jesus because the Pharisees would not believe in the miracle that Jesus did and the significance of it. To me, it seems like the Pharisees are the ones still left in the dark still trying to answer their questions in disbelief, while the blind man was invited to see the light which made him believe immensely in God’s works.

I’m reminded of times when I’ve noticed young people speak up about their opinions in communities like at political rallies, at school sometimes and especially at home, but their voices and concerns are dismissed, often by elders or others of authority. I sense some injustice when they get pushed aside, passed off, condescended or not taken seriously, which is what I feel the Pharisees and even the blind man’s parents did, when he was being questioned.

On the other hand, I think the message Jesus was trying to bring in his actions were that we, as children of God and as sinners, still need to advocate for ourselves, and we need to do the same for each other and shed some light as Jesus had done for the blind man. God is our ultimate advocate and He does not discriminate his love even if you are a sinner. It was said by the blind man in the Gospel, “We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if one is devout and does his will, he listens to him.” I think it’s kind of an opportunity for redemption if we’re willing to accept and choose to act upon the opportunity, just as he did, and it’s really what this season of Lent is all about.

Kristenne’s Reflection

Where do you see God in your life? Maybe you’re looking for a miraculous event like this week’s gospel of a blind man getting his sight. Or maybe you see God when people offer their seat on the bus. Or maybe you’re like me and you see him in your best friend who helps you through tough times.

Perhaps, you're having trouble seeing him at all right now?

I was reminded of this video when I think about the lesson of faith that Jesus presents this weekend. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Just remember: sometimes we don’t see God’s plans for us, but know that you aren’t alone in your journey.

Faith | a short film