20170108 - The Epiphany of the Lord

posted Jan 7, 2017, 12:04 AM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 5, 2017, 10:12 PM ]

Gospel of Matthew 2:1-12

Maricel’s Reflection

In this week's gospel, the three kings visit the new born baby, Jesus. Jesus is a manifestation of the word, a blessing sent to us all so that we could follow His example in how He would live His life. It amazes me that God would send down His son to live amongst us and love us on a personal and human level.

The three kings demonstrate a longing to be near Jesus. They journeyed a long way relying only on faith in the hopes that they would find Jesus. This makes me ponder, am I seeking God? More importantly, am I taking action to be closer to Him. We are invited to constantly walk towards God and grow in a close personal relationship with Him.

Vincent’s Reflection

The gospel proclamation of the birth of Jesus Christ and the journey and visitation of the Three Magi. Gospel demonstrates and shows us the faith and determination that these three kings went through to find baby Jesus. All these kings had was a bright star in the sky to go by for direction, but that didn’t stop them from finding truth which was written in the prophet. The miracle in meeting baby Jesus for the first time and the journey is what stands out to me.

As we enter the new year we often look to make a fresh start and many people make a news years resolution. I see this resolution as a reflection of baby Jesus. We make a resolution that we try and keep until the end of the year. Quite often times we stick to the goal and sometimes we fail. I see it as the faith journey and the journey these three kings encountered. I see these three kings as our strength as they prayed continuously on their journey. I see the star that they followed as hope which is God. The only we can get through the struggle and pain of meeting our goal is through God and prayer. We often times say our resolution is too hard and we can’t do it, but maybe we need to look to that star for guidance and direction to arrive to our destination.

How happy and overjoyed will you be when you meet that resolution at the end of the year as the three kings were when they came upon baby Jesus. I also witness evangelization in the process at the visitation of Jesus. We have three kings, different in their own right, come together to see the king of the world. The change that Jesus had on these three individuals’ lives is a prime example of evangelization. So let us all pray more in meeting our new year resolution knowing in our hearts we are never alone.

We sometimes just focus on the end result or goal as success, but success is the journey that you go through at arriving to that goal. God is good all the time!