20161009 - Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Luke 17:11-19

Alfred's Reflection

One day in high school, a classmate dropped something on my desk. “This was on the floor,” he said.

I looked my wallet. I looked at my classmate and I wasn’t sure what to say. My classmate was the kind of prankster who could have sat behind me and slowly pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. Or he could have been telling the truth and been helping me out.

I took too long trying to figure out what to say. “You couldn’t have said, ‘Thanks’,” my classmate spat as he walked away disappointed in my lack of gratitude. I was disappointed in myself, too.

In the Gospel today, Jesus heals Ten lepers of their disease. Only one of the ten return to Jesus to praise God and say a heartfelt thank you. The irony is that that one person was a Samaritan, from a neighboring region who was from a related but different religion from the religion Jesus’ people. The Samaritan, the outsider, the other, handled his business. The irony is that the other nine healed lepers should have known better; they should have returned to Jesus to praise God and say thank you but they did not.

In our lives today, do we take the time to say thank you to God? How much time to we spend on social media, YouTube, or games? How does that compare to the time we spend in prayer to say thanks every day? Do we show our thanks in our actions and attitude, by paying the love and blessings in our lives forward to everyone around us?