20160911 - Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Sep 9, 2016, 9:39 PM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 5, 2017, 10:11 PM ]

Luke 15:1-32

Jim's Reflection

I've heard it so many times from listening to young people over the years...."I'm not important." No one is unimportant...God cares about everyone! In the readings this weekend...God doesn't abandon the sinning Israelites; St. Paul is given grace and mercy; and the Gospel shows us that the Father will chase after us with love like that of a shepherd who goes after a lost sheep, a loving parent who goes after a lost child, and a woman who goes after a lost coin in her home.

I like the image of the woman and the lost coin...it's an image of God---the One who loves us, sees us as precious, knows we are lost, and searches for us until we are found.

The woman can also be an image of us---when we see a friend who's in trouble, or lost, who knows that the friend is precious, and who goes after that friend in the hope of being supportive until that friend can come around.

Lastly, the woman searching for the lost coin can also be an image of a parent or a friend searching for us when we are in a "lost" period of our life.

It's called unconditional love.

Lots of problems can bring us down so that we become depressed, develop unhealthy attitudes, behaviors, or addictions, and start to mess up our life.

The Father is like a wonderful woman who has ten important coins, but loses one, and then spends the whole day looking all over the house until she finds the coin. Jesus reminds us that we're like the coins in his story...

You'll never be unimportant....You are loved!