20160313 - Fifth Sunday of Lent

posted Mar 8, 2016, 9:14 AM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 9, 2016, 9:37 PM ]

Gospel of John 8:1-11

Chrystallynn's Reflection

As one of the more common flaws of being human, it seems that it may come easier for us to judge others for their sins than to see people for who they are as just being human. This week's gospel not only models that we should be more understanding of each other, but it allows us to reflect on the idea that the finger that you are pointing at someone else who sins, also has three fingers that point right back at you as well. As much as someone else may have their own faults, we have our own individual faults also. Let us not focus on the sins and imperfections of others, but rather reflect that we may also have our own sins and imperfections too.

During this Lenten season, I challenge you to fast on judging others, and to feast on the Christ dwelling in them.

Jeffy’s Reflection

The Gospel talks about being compassionate towards others who have sinned and us too. Often as human beings, we are quick to judge those who have done wrong to us and to others. But as people of “faith”, we are taught to be compassionate and forgive those that have sinned against us. God too will be compassionate to us when we recognize our own guilt and stand shamed and exposed just like the woman and the others who have sinned.