20150927 - Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Gospel of Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

Noy's Reflection

This Gospel sounds morbid and horrifying if we were to read it literally. But, taking a deeper look as to what Jesus is teaching may lead us to live lives of true happiness. It is perfect that our Confirmation lessons this week are asking “Why am I here?” and “What makes me happy?” The theme of joy and peace are underlying reasons to what we all want in life. The way in which we live our lives to achieve them is our ministry.

Each of our days are made by making choices to find happiness. We have the choice to listen to our teachers and we can choose which friends to hang out with each day. We decide what time to go to bed or how we spend our time using technology. Sometimes we make choices that aren’t our best. Sometimes we lie to our parents, or cheat in a game. We may ignore injustices towards classmates or take what’s not ours. We do things that we think will help protect the happiness we want or already have. This particular Gospel of Mark’s tells us to “cut off” anything that causes us to do wrong. I don’t think Jesus said this so we could physically mutilate our bodies, but to reflect about what in our lives prevents us from achieving true happiness. The obvious answer is sin. We can define sin as greed, gluttony, envy, lust, sloth, pride, and wrath in which we can just tell ourselves to cut out of our lives. Simple right? Unfortunately, most of us do not realize we are doing anything wrong until it has reached an extreme level of sin. Once we realize what is happening we can stop it, but it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. We get stuck in the routine and cycle of what keeps us from finding fulfillment in peace and joy.

What I think happens is we practice so many things to get “good at it.” If we want to be good at a sport, we practice. To play an instrument, we rehearse. To draw, cook, dance, write, and become successful in any craft requires us to try it again and again. So let’s stop being good at bad habits. Let’s not practice sin. Now we can take what the Gospel teaches us and not only “cut out” the bad habits, but replace them with good ones. We should remember to help people and stop hurting them. We should stop making fun OF people and have fun WITH people. We should not just take but give. Let’s treat life like in echo: whatever we put out in life reflects right back to who we choose to be. We need to practice ways in which we live lives away from sin as much as possible. If we can learn to drop our bad habits and pick up positive ones, our ministry through our faith can only lead to happiness with God.

Ernest's Reflection

The main message i got out of this gospel , is that we need to cut out the people/things in our lives that cause us to continually sin and give us bad habits! Jesus wants us to be better Christians He wants us to acknowledge what in our lives, prevents us from becoming better Christians and urges us to Cut it out of our lives!

Whether it's people who peer pressure you or not give you the respect you deserve. Or things in your life that might be bad habits.

We deserve the best, and we are capable of becoming better Christians if we acknowledge and get rid of those things that hold us back.

Samantha's Reflection

In this Gospel, Jesus says, “There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me.” He then goes on to say that if any part of us causes us to sin, it is better to cut it off. This makes me think of how our actions should always be in line with what God expects of us as Christians. We are called to not only perform kind acts or deeds, but to live in such a way where people who don’t know us say, “That person must be a Christian.”

The phrase “cut it off” can sound pretty extreme. When I hear this Gospel, it makes me think that Jesus is trying to tell us to avoid sin at all costs. It’s as if Jesus was saying, if you need to cut off certain influences such as social media, media in general, stuff we do for fun, or even people in our lives that might lead to sin, then so be it. Avoiding such things aren’t always easy, though- many of these things are part of our lives that we may not want to fully let go of. Maybe we should look at the different aspects of our lives and see how we can adjust them so that it doesn’t cause us to sin. For example, if you have a friend who is there for you and who you have fun with but has one bad habit that you fall into sometimes when you’re with that person, maybe try to talk to them and express that you appreciate their friendship but it really bothers you when they start doing the bad habit such as cussing or cutting school.

Overall, I think this Gospel reminds me that faith is not only about our words and actions, our faith is a way of life.