20150913 - Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

posted Sep 12, 2015, 1:06 PM by Domain Admin   [ updated Sep 9, 2016, 9:34 PM ]

Gospel of Mark 8:27-35

Jim’s Reflection

Sometimes we hear only the “nice” side of our faith…that God the Father is all forgiving and Jesus spread the message of love and serving others. Those are all true. But there’s another truth that comes along with it that is sometimes a little more difficult to embrace…

There is no Christianity without a cross. And if we want to follow, we have to be willing to take up the cross. That’s a hard truth to commit to.

Taking up the cross doesn’t mean coping well with sickness or bad luck. We take up the cross when we choose to sacrifice when we could just as easily avoid it in helping others.

Living 24/7 as a Christian means choosing little sacrifices on a daily basis. Like when you’re tired…and the opportunity presents itself for you to help someone else…when you decide to act on that instead of giving into your fatigue…that’s taking up the cross. When you choose to have the difficult conversation rather than walking away and avoiding the other person…that’s taking up the cross. When you live by and follow the things you are committed to, even when it’s hard…that’s taking up the cross.

Taking up the cross means giving up your life each day in little ways. You take up your cross when you help your Parents without them asking you. You take up your cross when you reach out to the unpopular kid. You take up your cross when you sacrifice time shopping or swimming or just relaxing for the sake of serving others.

I love this Gospel…because of the famous question Jesus asks his disciples…and he asks the same question to us today: “who do you say that I am.” Like Peter, each day we’ve gotta decide who we think Jesus is. We show that he is the Messiah when we choose sacrifice for others. Strangely enough, it’s through the little sacrifices that we learn how to take on bigger ones, and add to the lives of others.

Have a wonderful weekend—finally some relief from the HEAT…we start the Confirmation journey this Sunday and Youth Ministry on Monday…excited for the coming year! Peace and all good! jim