201501011 - Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Gospel of Mark 10:17-30

Alfred's Reflection

Four years ago, I was presented an opportunity and a choice: stay at my old job or leave for a new job. At the old job, I was comfortable, content, and happy with my co-workers and boss. The new job presented exciting new opportunities, new things to learn, and a bigger team to collaborate with. The new job also was an area of the unknown and risk. Maybe it seems like an easy choice to make, but it was a decision that I wrestled with especially because I would have been leaving something good.

I imagine that the rich man in today's Gospel faced a tougher choice than mine. Jesus told him: "Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me." I think about the rich man and his treasures. I imagine he had works of art with stories to tell with each piece. I imagine he had dazzling jewelry and beautiful clothes and footwear to draw the attention and envy of others. It was enough for the man to walk away from Jesus' personal invitation to follow Him in life and to heaven.

What are the things that we fill our lives with today? Are they things that anchor us to this world? Or are they things that will help us rise to eternal life?

... Oh, about that choice I had to make... that new job turned out pretty well for me.

Maricel's Reflection

Many of us wonder and wander through life searching for meaning and purpose. The Ten Commandments give us instructions on how to live our lives. Jesus also encourages us to give up possessions,ideas, or people that keep us from following Him. There is an expression that says "Use things and love people, don't use people and love things." Jesus reminds us that when we follow Him he has amazing things in store for us!