March 8, 2015 - 3rd Sunday of Lent

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Gospel of John 2: 13-25

Samantha’s Reflection

The Jews doubted Jesus when he said that he could raise the temple in three days after it is destroyed. While he was alluding to his own death and resurrection, it made me think about how all things are possible through God. As human beings, we doubt things when they don’t seem realistic for us, and may end up dismissing certain thoughts and dreams because they sound so far-fetched.

This Gospel can be a reminder for us that with prayer, persistence, and passion, we can accomplish great things. I remember in college, a friend talked to me about possibly training for a half marathon. I cut him off saying, oh I can’t even run two miles right now, I could NEVER do a half marathon. A few years later, I was inspired to start training for my first half- I was scared- what if I didn’t make it past the finish line? It would be so embarrassing to have to tell my family and friends that I couldn’t do it! It may sound weird, but completing my first half marathon truly showed me that all things are possible through Christ (Phil 4:13). I used a lot of positive self-talk while running and would often pray for the Holy Spirit to be with me, to run with me, to give me strength when my legs felt weak. God carries us and shows us that the impossible is possible through Him.

Do you ever think about something in particular that you would like to accomplish one day, then think, nah, I don’t know if I can do it- too much competition, too many obstacles, I’m not smart enough, I’m probably not good enough. Just as God showed us that life conquers death through Jesus’ death and resurrection, He will show us that faith and hope will always overcome doubt and fear.