February 22, 2015 - 1st Sunday of Lent

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Gospel of Mark 1: 12-15

Jeffy’s Reflection

In the Gospel of Mark 1:12-15, it talked about how Jesus was driven into the desert for forty days. While in the desert, there were wild beasts and satan tempting jesus. But Jesus was being watched over by angels making sure that he stayed true to God’s ministry.

Every lenten season, Catholics around the world prepare themselves for the forty days leading into Easter and Jesus being risen but it starts with Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday reminds us of the sins that came before us and the sins that we have done. Right before we receive the sign of the cross drawn by ashes on our foreheads, these words are said to us, “Turn away from sin, and be faithful the Gospel”.

Jesus said some similar words when he arrived in Galilee, “...repent, and believe in the Gospel.”

In today's society, we are like Jesus going into the desert. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by evil, tempting us at any chance it can get. Evil comes in many forms, and so does the good. God said to have faith in Him. If we do that, then we know that God is there for us and will show us the right way.

Kat’s Reflection

Whenever I think of Lent, I think about sacrifice.

The Gospel on this first Sunday of Lent truly spoke to me. I put myself in Jesus' place and wondered what I would do for 40 days in the desert while also being tempted by Satan. I figured that this would be easy, since everyday life in our society is our "desert". Over and over again, we face temptation. For me, I've realized that I'm addicted to sugar. It may seem silly to someone, but for me, it's a true evil. I'll eat and drink any type of sugar knowing that it's bad for me. I can eat an entire BIG bag of candies and I not even think about it. In the beginning, I would just do it and then I'd feel bad or guilty for having done so. I'd tell myself that I will change and for some reason, I just can't get myself to do it. I've enabled all the excuses. For example, I would buy ingredients for my daughter to make a pie knowing that I will probably eat most of that pie. Buying the ingredients for her was an excuse since no one else in the family was asking her to make pies. I would buy cookies and other sweets and say that they are for the kids, but if they are on the table, I tend to eat them too. The devil is strong with his temptations and my will power is very weak. I've succumbed to MANY temptations and its come to a point that I don't even feel *that* bad about it anymore. I'm starting to not feel guilty about it. I'm sure my example sounds childish or not substantial, but I ask you to insert your own weakness, bad habit or personal flaw and think about all the excuses (or not) that we make to justify what we do is ok.

The story of Jesus in the desert for 40 days with Satan tempting him reminds me that we can be like him. We need to listen to the Gospel and try to follow Jesus more closely. As we enter this time of self reflection and penance, let's be reminded that He died for our sins; even the ones we haven't committed yet. Because of this, we can have the Sacrament of Reconciliation and be one with God again. I remind myself...it's NEVER TOO LATE and I have another chance. He loves me for who I am even though I know I can be better.