October 13, 2013 - 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Gospel of Luke 17: 11-19

Mel’s Reflection
In this Sunday’s gospel, Jesus heals ten lepers but only one returns to him to give him thanks.  Every time I encounter this story I am always struck by two facts; that Jesus freely offers up his grace to these individuals without question and that it is a Samaritan—a foreigner, a stranger—who is the sole person who returns to give thanks.  This is the Jesus I know; loving, forgiving, and merciful.  He is so open to giving what we truly need even if we don’t thank him for it.  As Catholic-Christians, we are called to be Christ-like.  This story of Jesus’ infinite love reminds me of the importance of being patient with everyone we encounter. 

I must admit that currently, I am being very challenged in the patience department.  As I reflected on this Gospel I couldn't help but think of the sixth grade reading class that I am teaching this year.  Although I know that teaching can sometimes be a thankless a job, that knowledge does not make it any easier to work with a group of young people who challenge and at times exhaust your patience.  Yet, I still do it because I have faith in my students.  For every day that my students drive me up the wall, there are other days when they amaze me with their brilliance and perseverance.  Just as Jesus healed the ten lepers unquestioningly and unfailingly, I am inspired to extend my grace to my students and every one I encounter.  And just as the Samaritan returned to offer up his thanks, I have faith that the love I send out into the world will be returned to me in unexpected ways—serving as signs of God’s unending love for me and for us.

Chris’ Reflection
One of the things that really stuck out to me was the idea of “returning to give thanks.” Jesus mentioned how the one person who came back to praise God was the one who would be saved. He seemed disappointed in the other people who did not come back to give the same praise.
This Gospel reading reminds me of the quote “count your blessings.” It’s important to appreciate the gifts we have and all the great things God put into our life. It’s important to just celebrate the fact that God gave us life!

When my mom was giving birth to me, there were complications with her pregnancy. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and I was choking to death- the irony of almost dying because of my birth. The doctors had to do an emergency cesarean to save me during labor.

My mom told me my birth story when I was younger and it really opened my eyes. The fact that I could have died put my whole life in perspective. I learned to really appreciate all that I have in my life, to not take things for granted. All the happy moments with my family, the friends I made, the things I accomplished, they could have never happened. God chose to save me that day I was born and I truly believe there was a reason for that. Like the leper that came back to thank Jesus, I try to give thanks for all my blessings in my nightly prayers. I also pray that I am a positive influence on all the people I come in contact with. If God kept me alive, I want to make sure I do good.

Life is truly a gift, so we need to be thankful. Every day people die, but God chose to keep you around. He wanted you on earth today and God doesn't just do things without purpose. It’s important that we recognize each day as a gift and live it to its full potential. That doesn't mean go crazy and do anything you want, but it does mean we appreciate our time and live God’s word out each day.