November 10, 2013 - 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Gospel of Luke  20: 27-38

Tine’s Reflection
As I read through this week's gospel, a line that stuck out to me was "whose wife will that woman be?" As I reread the gospel a few more times, seeing this line continued to bother me. In my opinion, the Sadducees did not see her as a person with an identity; rather, she was property to seven men during her life here on earth and was a possession for someone to claim in the resurrection.

I am extremely close to my dad's side of the family. My Inay has seven children and 14 grandchildren, me being the baby girl of the bunch. Growing up, all seven families lived in either Union City or Fremont. We all took care of each other and supported each other through everything. These seven families were interwoven into each others lives. Now that I am an adult, it is as though my aunties and uncles still see me as the baby and question me and my life... especially the fact that I am 28 years old and single. The questioning even goes beyond my own family members and into the families my cousins have married into. At parties and get togethers, I get asked by family and family-friends, "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" or "Why aren't you married?" Worst of all, I get "You are pretty, so why haven't you found a husband?" and "If you don't hurry up, you won't be able to have children." Rather than focusing on the good qualities I have going for me in my life, some family members focus on the area that they see me lacking in. Forget the fact that I have a good job, got my Masters in Education, am involved in church and am overall happy in life. Lets focus on the fact that I do not have a husband and do not "belong" to someone.

I feel for the woman in the gospel. The Sadducees didn't take into account who she was as a person. They focused on her marital status and who she "belonged" to, just as some people focus on my marital status, or lack-there-of. In response to the Sadducees, Jesus says that "neither marry nor are given in marriage. They can no longer die, for they are like angels and they are the children of God." Jesus affirms that marriage doesn't exist in heaven and that women and men are full and complete beings without the ties that bond people together here on earth. In heaven, no one is a possession, because in heaven, physical sexuality, marriage and death are not important - being children of God is what is important.

In reading the gospel, I am reminded that peoples opinions do not and should not matter. It does not matter what people say or how they perceive you. What matters is how you feel about yourself and ultimately, how you use your life to serve The Lord as one of His children. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do and love when you are ready to love. Our identities should not reflect the men or women we are in relationships with; our identities should reflect who we are on our own and who we are in our relationship with God. In the end, we must live in a way that fulfills our own dreams and destinies, without giving into peer pressure or the expectations of society. If you are doing YOU in the best possible manner, if you are happy with YOURSELF in this lifetime, God will love you and accept you when you are ready to enter into His loving arms.

Ernest’s Reflection
Reading this gospel I came to the question: "Where in my life have my beliefs been challenged?" First thing to come to mind? Sports Trash Talk! I'm a huge Lebron James fan, and I find myself in arguments all the time with haters and rival fans. I defend my belief on how Lebron is one of the best (if not the best) in the NBA.  When people try to bad mouth Lebron or talk trash, I usually always take the opportunity to try to prove them wrong. Its all in light fun, but sports trash talk is a fun way to be challenged in reaffirming what you believe in. In this case, being a sports fan.   (And it feels kinda cool when your favorite player succeeds too. =) )

Growing up as a Catholic, It felt like I  was challenged in faith all the time. I used to get a ride from a friend who wasn't Catholic and made fun of me every time I made the sign of the cross when I passed by a church. I did feel a little disrespected, but it didn't stop me from the habit of showing respect to the churches I passed.   One time in middle school, I attended school right after Ash Wednesday mass and it felt a little awkward getting looks from people. I know I wasn't alone, but I felt like it was a challenge to my faith because middle school was a time to look cool and be cool.  I even washed my head because I didn't wanna stick out with a dirty forehead. Looking back at it now, I do wish I was more in touch with my faith so that wouldn't of mattered.

People will always challenge you on your beliefs and question why you do the things you do. Its important to understand when to stand your ground to defend your beliefs, as well as respect others opinions if they don't match yours.

Jeffy's Reflection
The word that stood out to me was the word, "worthy." Everyone in the world today try to see if they are worthy enough to be part of a group, a family, a team, to be their friend. Hearing the word worthy make you remember the scene in the movie, "Wayne’s World" were the two main characters, Wayne and Garth get down on their knees and start bowing, saying "I’m not worth, I’m not worthy."
There was a time when I questioned myself if I was worthy enough to be part of this group. I was invited by a friend to join him in a meeting on Monday night at the church. I didn't know what to expect. My friend told me that this meeting was called Youth Ministry. He told me that they meet every Monday night and talk about the Catholic faith in an informal way, through small group sharing. This was new to me. I've never talked about my faith with others. Some of the people in the meeting I knew from school. After the meeting, my friend asked me how it was for me. Did I have fun? I told him it was fun and that I can make it next Monday night. One night, another friend asked me to be part of a group that helped out during the youth ministry meetings on Monday night. That group was called T.E.A.M. (Teens Engaged in Active Ministry) now we call them Emmaus. Who would have thought that twenty years later, I’m still involved in the Youth Ministry.
In the gospel reading, it talked about how there were seven brothers’ and one of the brother got married but died before having a child. The six brothers’ took their brother’s place who died in marrying his wife and having a child. All six brothers’ died before they can produce a child. The wife also died. The Sadducees, asked Jesus, who would be the husband when they are resurrected in heaven? They wanted to know whom of the seven brothers’ was worthy of the wife in heaven.
Jesus said, "… But those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels."
 Jesus told them that when in heaven, it won’t matter who is married to whom. We are GOD’s children and we belong to him.  Everyone in heaven are equal to each other and are like angels. For some of us, we are still trying to fight to see if we are worthy enough. But if you have faith and believe in what GOD has planned for you, you will be worthy to enter the gates into paradise.