March 23, 2014 - 3rd Sunday of Lent

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Gospel of John 4: 5-42

Tine's Reflection
As I prepare myself for this upcoming weekend and the confirmation topic that we will be discussing as a large group, I can't help but gravitate towards a very specific line from this reading. “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again; but whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; the water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” To me, the water represents our faith in God and faith in ourselves.

These lines stood out to me as I reflect upon my own faith. It is easy to say that we practice our faith. We go to church. We take part in service projects. We go to confirmation every other Sunday. It is easy to have faith and believe in God when things are good. Why question anything when everything is going right in the world? When things are good, we drink all of those experiences in without question.

It is when things are bad that some begin to question God, question faith and question why things are happening. That is why it is important to know and realize that the faith given to us by God never leaves us. When we live a life following His teachings, His blessings and His work, we are able to drink in all of those experiences, good and bad, without question, because we have faith in Him.

We drink water, but how many of us drink His water? We practice our faith, but how many people actually LIVE our faith?

I see a difference in practicing faith and living it. Many go through the motions of faith because it is what is expected of them. Rather than physically being faithful, I think it is important that we are emotionally and mentally faithful as well. Don't go to church because you should. Go to church because it is an experience that will bring you closer to Him. Don't just do the homework because you need to in order to get confirmed. Do the homework so you have a better understanding of His teachings, His values and the religion we share. Don't do service projects or help those in need because it is an assignment or you need hours for school. Do it because helping others, giving of yourself to others, is a selfless act that brings joy and happiness to someone else.

"The water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." When you live a life of faith, when the things you say and do reflect the teachings of God, you will never be devoid of the waters that is faith in God and faith in ourselves. Drink His water and live your faith.

Ernest's Reflection
The Samaritan woman saw Jesus, talked to Jesus, and believed in his
words.And Spread his word to others! It kinda made me connect to the chorus lyrics of the Drake Song "Hold on We're Coming Home":

"I got my eyes on you
You're everything that I see
I want your high love and emotion endlessly
I can't get over you
You left your mark on me
I want your high love and emotion endlessly"

If we worship, trust and love God, He will give us everlasting love and life back to us.

Through the good and bad all we have to do us just hold on, and we'll be home with him after our time here on earth.

In addition, I want to add, that the lesson about preaching good news is important. As the Samaritan woman passed on the news that Jesus was there, he was able to reach so many other people than just her. In these days of social media, it feels like the stories and attitudes passed on are more negative than positive. We should be able to share the good, and praise one another a lot more than complain and be sad. God gives us these opportunities to share good news, but sometimes we choose not to. Let's do that more eh?

Jeffy's Reflection
"… but no one who drinks the water that I shall give will ever be thirsty again: the water that I shall give will become a spring of water within, welling up for eternal life."

This verse stood out to me because of the way Jesus said, the water that I shall give will become a spring of water within, welling up for eternal life.

Jesus use of the word water in the verse, is saying that if you don’t get the water from some other place, you will always be thirsty and not satisfied.

Everyday we get thirsty and we take a drink of our favorite beverage to satisfy our thirst. When we go to church, the readings and the gospel is Jesus’s way of giving us the water we need to satisfy the thirst of life, what we, as Christians need to be satisfied, refreshed, and live life as Jesus wanted us to do.

The way we use water, Jesus is telling us something. We use water to cleans our body when it gets dirty (wash away sin), nourishes us when we our thirsty (give us sustenance), cools us down when we get too hot (when sin and evil is overwhelming us).

Water is around us every day, in different types of brands just as sin is around us. There are people who will put things in the water we drink to make us sick. As Catholics, we are always thirsty for the Word of God to help us through our life journey, we just need to make sure we are drinking from the one right one.