April 27, 2014 - Second Sunday of Easter - Sunday of Divine Mercy

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Gospel of Gospel of John 20: 19-31

Jim's Reflection

Don't Miss Out Like Thomas

"I can be a Catholic without going to Church."  I've heard it many times from young people and adults...we see it after some youth get Confirmed.  And I've always disagreed.

Why?  Because of Thomas.

Thomas was gone when Jesus appeared to the Apostles.  Then he had trouble believing when the Apostles told him about it.  He only believed when he saw Jesus with them.

The message is this:  we need a Catholic Christian community to really believe in the Resurrection.  It's the community that gives us the strength, challenge and guidance to act as we believe.

Notice that Jesus gave the Apostles peace and mission while they were gathered.  The same is true today.  It's in our Catholic Christian community--Mass, service-learning trips, Youth Ministry, Emmaus, liturgical ministries, retreats, even phone calls to friends, that we most fully find Jesus' peace, remember our mission, and receive strength to act as we believe.  If we never worship, never talk about our faith, or never serve with other Catholics, pretty soon we'll find it harder to believe.  And our actions might not show that we believe in a savior who calls us to live radically different lives because he rose from the dead.

We have an inviting, welcoming community here at St. Anne's, we're all a part of it....stay in touch!