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  • Mass Schedule - see the parish home page for the schedule
  • Penance - Every Saturday at 3:30pm in the church and by appointment
  • Baptism
    • In order to begin the baptismal process of the child to be baptized the parents (or legal guardians) are required to contact the parish office at 471-7766, Mon.-Fri., 4:00-7:00 pm. Please do not make any arrangements for your child's baptism until you have contacted the parish and have begun your baptismal preparation process. Given the very large number of infant baptisms which take place annually at St. Anne, your cooperation is appreciated.
    • If you are a member of the parish and wish to have your child baptized in another parish, the process still requires the following: at least two months advanced notice to this parish and completion of the baptismal preparation process. The letter of permission required for an out of area baptism will only be sent upon the completion of the baptismal preparation process.
    • Please do not set a date for an out of area baptism until you have begun the baptismal preparation process here.
    • With the approval of the pastor of St. Anne, a family friend or relative who is a Catholic priest is welcome to baptize your child during the communal rite.
  • School of Faith & Formation (CCD Program) - including first reconciliation & first communion
  • Youth Ministry - including Youth Ministry Program, Confirmation, EMMAUS Peer Ministry, and Youth Liturgy
  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults - including baptism, first reconciliation, first communion and/or confirmation of adults
  • Weddings - Call the parish office at least 6 months ahead. Do not set any specific date without conferring with the Priest.
  • Funerals - Should be arranged by Family, Church and Mortuary. Normal Catholic Burial consists of Vigil Service, Holy Mass and Burial in a Catholic Cemetery. Any other arrangements should first be discussed with Parish Priests.